Warden Contracting Company

Remodeling Services

Often homeowners take on renovation projects they expect to be simple – new tile in the bathroom, track lighting, minor demolition – and quickly find they have gotten in over their heads. Not only can Warden Contracting Company step in and finish stalled remodeling projects, the firm can complete them quickly while improving upon the initial scope. Warden Contracting Company is available for all home remodeling projects – from new farm-style sinks in the kitchen and upgraded walk-in closet shelving systems to full design-build room remodels for every part of the home. The full-service turnkey contractor can complete any residential remodeling project from start to finish in-house.

Home Repair

Accidents happen. While it can be stressful to find a contractor to fix the roof after a tree collapse, remove water damage or replace windows broken by boisterous play, Warden Contracting Company aims to make home repair projects simple and hassle-free. Warden Contracting Company will provide an estimate for the repair, work with clients and their insurance companies when necessary and restore a home to its pre-damage glory. Often times, home repair projects are a good opportunity to add additional renovation services clients have put off for one reason or another. Warden Contracting Company is available and ready to quickly repair damage at a time most convenient for them.

Commercial Construction

Warden Contracting Company also works with commercial clients to provide demolition and custom build-outs for unique commercial clients throughout Atlanta. The firm has performed extensive renovations and build-outs for the city of Atlanta as well as Families United Services. Commercial construction isn’t all office build-outs and simple upgrades. Warden Contracting Company is entrusted to provide its services for high-profile Atlanta landmarks, such as Arthur Blank’s private residence and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.