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Here are some tips and hints to help with your upcoming project...


Start at the Beginning

Make a detailed description of how your home does not meet your current Needs and the problems you are trying to solve.

Do not focus on the physical design at this stage.

Professionals can help with the actual design once you have stated your needs.


"We entertain more than we used to and the house gets cramped at parties"


"We're tired of going to the basement to do the laundry."


Develop a Budget

This may be the least fun but the most important part of the process.

Everyone is different in how they go about doing this.

But one suggestion is to find out what the better homes in your neighborhood are selling for.

The difference between the current selling price for these homes and the price you paid for your house is a good indicator of how much you could prudently spend on the project and get your money back if you had to move within the next few years.

This becomes less important if you plan to stay where you are for more than three or four years.


Find a Contractor Who Can Do More than Build

Even the smallest remodeling project is complex and involves many people - city and county inspectors and officials, tradesmen, craftsmen, and vendors of all types.


Take the Time to Answer All the Questions Up Front

Once preliminary plans and budgets have been established, there is often a tendency by all involved to rush into the construction phase.

This can actually slow the process down in the long run.

Take the time to specify and get firm delivery dates on all items before you begin construction wherever possible.

That way you'll find out in advance if there is a long lead time on a particular item and a substitute can be incorporated into the design.


Have Fun with the Process

The whole idea is to improve your living space and lifestyle.

The way you go about it makes all the difference in the world.

Know what you want; decide on a workable budget, then stick to it; find a contractor who can manage the project and do quality work; take time up front to plan.

The rest will follow!


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